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Back to School: All of the Essentials!

Hi guys!
So this is my 3rd blog post in my back to school series. I really wanted to do this, but I have been super busy with field hockey. I will continue to post back to school blog posts after my school year begins because I have more I want to talk about. This will be a longer blog post so I will just get right into it.

The first things that come into my mind when it comes to back to school is makeup and beauty supplies. I guess I care about my appearance a little too much. But a solid, quick morning routine is needed for early mornings right before school. The first thing I do after brushing my teeth and putting my contacts in is foundation. I usually skip on moisturizer and a setting powder because I moisturize at night and I only use a primer for special occasions. I find that wearing eyeliner makes it look like you’re wearing a lot more makeup than you are. I use the Almay bright eyes eyeliner because it has a black eye pencil and also a highlighter. Then I finish with blush and that’s it! A few hair essentials are hair ties, butterfly clips, and a mousse or hairspray. Butterfly clips are great because they don’t pull your hair, but hair ties are easy to store and I personally would rather wear my hair back for tests. Since we’re going to be stressed out more than during the summer, a good acne system should be incorporated into your bedtime routine if it is not already.

I do have a few outfit musts for the school year, but I understand schools have different dress codes. My school recently changed theirs so now we must have sleeves. I have many tanks, so I bought a sweater to wear over them. For the cooler weather, an oversized sweater and skinny jeans are so cute and comfy. I love to wear boots all winter long and they look great over skinnies. A sweatshirt is also great because it is cold in most of my classes and you can rewear a sweatshirt. My school also has dress up days, so I splurged on 3 skirts that are really cute and look great with boots. If I feel like I need to wear a looser top, I will pair it with a bodycon skirt. Whatever you choose, make sure that you stick with your sense of style. I don’t in all situations, but for school, stick with whatever is comfortable. Remember, check the weather and dress appropriately!

A good school year starts with a supplied backpack. I don’t know about you, but I usually am fully stocked with school supplies on the first day of school and somehow I’m left with 2 pencils and a borrowed pen by the last day. In my front pocket I keep my go-to essentials. I keep a pencil case with pencils, pens, and a highlighter. Pretty basic. Then I have a sleeve of tissues, hand sanitizer, and a mini lotion that smells amazing. I keep a sweet-smelling hand sanitizer and lotion because it just makes the room smell better and my hands. On the top pocket I just keep my cell phone, iPod, ear buds, and car keys. In my back pocket I have an extra sleeve of tissues, a few feminine care items, and things I don’t use as much in another pencil case. In that pencil case I just have a sharpie, extra lead, and a flash drive. I have 3 pencil pouches but I got them all on sale for just a penny each! Lastly, I keep my textbooks, binder, and iPad in my backpack.

As for my locker, I really don’t decorate it at all. I barely use my locker so I don’t put many things in it. I put my lunch in it and my extra textbooks. There are many inexpensive locker organizers for people who do like to accessorize.

Lastly, I have a few essentials for anyone who uses an iPad like me. The basic apps that are pre-installed are Safari, Calendar, and iBooks which I love. I use my calendar so much; it keeps me prepared for upcoming tests, field hockey games, and appointments. I also use the Kindle app for a few of my textbooks. A new app I recently downloaded is called inClass. You can take notes and set homework reminders on this app. After I take notes on that app, I would transfer them to Google Drive which can be accessed on any computer with Internet access. I love Google Drive for exams because you can share your documents with friends and form study groups. I also love Quizlet because I hate keeping leftover flash cards and it’s super easy to study with this app. It keeps everything organized and it’s easier for midterms as well.

I wish all of you luck on your school year and I will try to upload my next blog post shortly!