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Why Do Girls?

Ok, I understand that my title is not proper English. Deal with it. But honestly, being a gal, there are some things I do or things other girls do that I don’t quite understand. Don’t get me wrong, being a girl is sweet, but we are very annoying and confusing. So why do girls….

Call everything “cute” – like oh girl your outfit is really cute! That baby over there, so cute!
Scream for no apparent reason, especially when we see our friend in public
Find makeup that they like, but just keep buying different brands hoping for a better outcome
On that note, why do we need 5 different lip glosses
Obsess over every guy we’ve spoken to
Friend zone every guy we’ve spoken to
All have this weird, girly handwriting
Feel the need to touch every garment while we’re shopping
Take selfies of ourselves either in the woods or on a longboard
Pose in the snow in a bikini and uggs
Even wear uggs, ever
Talk nonstop about food and starbucks and then complain that we’re fat
Have to know every bit of drama in the world
Talk in a different voice around boys, babies, and pets

There are plenty more but I didn’t want this to turn into a huge list of reasons to hate on my own gender. We do the weirdest things though, I swear. To make it even, I might do a “why do boys” list because they’re even harder to understand than us.


Things That Suck

1. Post limits
– Twitter’s 140 Character Limit
– Texting’s 160 Character Limit
-Snapchat’s Half of a Sentence Limit

2. Going somewhere and forgetting something or what you were planning to do

3. When you start cooking and realize you ran out of an important ingredient

4. When your hair or an article of clothing gets stuck to something, or worse, someone

5. When you need a tissue but the classroom that your in doesn’t have any

6. Not being allowed to go to the bathroom during class

7. When you think of something to say but someone won’t let you talk and then the conversation changes topics

8. When a tweet of a poop emoji gets more retweets and favorites than your thoughtful, hilarious tweet

9. When you trip and fall and finally get back up and just do the same thing again

10. Studying for hours just to realize that none of it is actually on the test

11. Bubbling a pattern on a scantron sheet and feeling super paranoid

12. Turning on the radio just when your favorite song is ending

13. Chipping your manicure right after you get it

14. Parents that only do embarrassing things in public

15. Spending a bunch of time on homework that your teacher doesn’t even check

There are so many more things so I’m thinking about doing a Part 2.