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My Trip In Maine

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My trip to Maine is over now but I had a great time. We stayed at the Lord Camden Inn and went on a boat tour the first night. The hotel room had a shower and tub with jets which was relaxing except the bath tub jets squirted water in my face and all over the floor. Then we went to Southwest Harbor and stayed at Lindenwood Inn. It was a cute bed & breakfast with a pool and hot tub. We did some biking, hiking, and relaxing. The food in this area was great. We went to Jordan Pond House and ate their famous lobster chowder and popovers. Then we stayed in Bar Harbor at a fancy hotel and got a nice lunch and dinner. Finally we drove back to the Boston airport to catch our flight back home. We stayed active this whole trip and ate many good meals. The trip was a success but I am glad to be back at home, too. I inserted a gallery of some of my favorite photos from this experience!


I Haven’t Blogged In A Long Time!

Sorry I haven’t blogged in the last 3 days! I was staying at my grandparents’ house and they don’t have any wifi. However, I will be writing a ton in my notes so when I get back I will already have things to publish. My grandparents only live 4 hours away but considering the traffic it takes to get there, we decided to travel an alternate route which added an extra 2 hours. Atleast we weren’t stuck in hours of traffic. The first night we relaxed and watched Duck Dynasty and 30 Rock.

The next morning I woke up because my mom broke the TV and my grandpa somehow was able to fix it. After eating I attempted to finish another blog post but then I just fell asleep. We went out to lunch with my grandparents at a small place called Anne’s Kitchen. Considering how small it was, it was busy and they had many menu options. I just ordered a chicken salad sandwich. Driving home was scary because it was my first time driving in the state and we had no clue where to go. We dropped my grandparents off and went to see my mom’s friend who was babysitting her niece. We visited the Morris Arboretum but the heat made it difficult. A couple of swans and ducks were swimming in the pond which was very cute. Then my mom and I met my aunt and cousins for dinner. The menu was huge but the food was great. After dinner I drove home and we relaxed for the rest of the night.

Then I got up, jogged, and got ready for the day. I started reading The Last Policeman by Ben Winters and then my family and I ate at a restaurant called the Austrian village. I wasn’t hungry for a bratwurst or schnitzel so I just ordered a kids grilled cheese. After we dropped my grandparents off, we rushed to a house tour at the Glen Cairn House across from Bryn Athyn College. The house was huge and it was built to celebrate religion and family. There were mosaics, carvings, and stained glass. After that we just ordered pizza and watched the All-Star game on TV. I played a board game called Mensch with my grandfather which is a German game like Sorry. I only won 2/5 games.

The next day we got up and drove home. My favorite part besides sleeping the whole ride home, is stopping at Starbucks. I got a Berry Hibiscus Refresher which is my favorite. Besides that nothing really happened. I’m so sorry it’s been so long! I have a ton of posts in my drafts ready to be posted!

My Trip to High Bridge Trail Park

On 7/7 my family and I went trail walking at High Bridge Trail Park. It’s located in FarmVille, VA and although we did a 3 mile walk, you can also do a 10 mile walk. The bridge itself is 125 feet over the Appomattox River and it is suitable for walking, biking, and horseback riding. The original bridge was a Confederate railroad track but it was damaged during the war and newly rebuilt as a historical state park. The walk is nice except there is almost no shade. It’s not a hard walk at all and the view is pretty as long as you’re not afraid of heights. After our walk we went to a restaurant called Charley’s Waterfront Cafe. We had Sunday brunch and the patio is right over the river. There was an omelette station where you could order an omelette with fresh ingredients or get a waffle or French toast. I had tilapia and some vegetables and my parents got breakfast food. Overall this trip was fun, relaxing, and a great end to our Fourth of July weekend.



Restaurant Review: The Boathouse

On the Fourth of July my family and I ate at The Boathouse in Rocketts Landing. It’s pretty fancy, I would say business casual-formal would be appropriate. The menu options are a little expensive, but the food was magnificent. My mom and I shared the seafood sampler plate which is exactly as it sounds. My favorite parts were the shrimp and the salmon spread. The tuna is raw so I did not eat any of that and I am allergic to the crab that was included. My entree was a grilled salmon/cheese grits combination which I loved. The menu has a lot of seafood options but there are plenty of choices for people who do not like fish. The view of the river is beautiful and the staff was friendly. We ordered a pizzookie for dessert which was a fresh baked chocolate chip cookie with whipped cream and vanilla ice cream. We didn’t see many fireworks but the dinner was great. As long as you do not mind the noisiness, I would recommend it for a date or a special occasion.


My Experience at The Diamond

On Saturday 7/6 my family went on an outing to see The Flying Squirrels. I already knew coming in that the in-between inning activities would be more suited for children of the age of 6. Our seats were fantastic and even though I ate the most unhealthy meal in a long time, I got what I expected to get at a baseball game. The Squirrels were losing pretty bad but the last 3 innings were very exciting, well as exciting as a local baseball game can get. The fans were booing, calling for a relief pitcher and overall just upset and ready for the game to end. After a depressing score of 9-3, they set up hoops for people to win prizes which took up a good 20 minutes and we were ready to leave. After the prizes, the fireworks show came on and they were probably the best I have ever seen. Considering the rest of the experience was mediocre, the fireworks completely made the experience worthwhile. The atmosphere was normal for a baseball game; I’ve never been surrounded by completely normal, sane people. There are always the loud ones that will make as much noise at any given opportunity, the group of girls who know absolutely nothing about the sport, the group of girls that pretend they’re into the sport, and the annoying kids. In fact I may make a blog post about sports games etiquette because some of these people can definitely ruin an experience. Overall, the fireworks completely made the night and our seats were great. I love a good baseball game and a hotdog, go nuts!