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July Favorites

Hey guys! I really haven’t been wearing much makeup because it’s summer so I don’t really have any beauty favorites for this month. I do have quite a few random favorites though that I’ve been liking recently.

So of course if you know me, I love my YouTube. I have a few channel and video favorites for this month. I will attach links to specific videos!

Favorite video: Tyler Oakley- Serving Sizes And Calorie Counts
Ok, how am I just watching this now? It’s from a year ago so I’m a little late watching this. I don’t watch any of his videos but I found this and I was interested in the title. The link will be down below if you haven’t seen the video!
Click here to watch his video!

Favorite video: Jim Chapman- How to flirt
Most of this video is telling us how not to flirt which I’m personally better at anyway. You might not find this video as funny as me, but I’ve watched it a ton this month.
Click here to watch his video!

Favorite new channel: @SummerBreak
I think Shane Dawson introduced me to this channel first but I never started watching their videos until Dailygrace talked about it and now I’m addicted. A group of teens film their summer break before they all go off to college and it’s a little dumb but I can’t stop watching it! The channel name is Summerbreaknetwork. I would recommend this to girls who like watching drama and relationship-like shows.

I finally have a few favorite music choices. Again, I’m late listening to all of these and you’ll probably laugh at me when I say I just started listening to them.

As for Pandora stations my favorites are…
– 3OH!3
– Avicii
– Pretty Lights
– Blue Foundation

As for individual songs my favorites are…
– Cracks [Flux Pavilion Remix] by Freestylers
– Get Rich by Tyga
– Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke
– Beware by Big Sean

I have 3 food favorites this month, and as a health enthusiast I wouldn’t necessary recommend them.
– The first one is a Get Up and Goji smoothie from Tropical Smoothie. Smoothies are controversial because they can be excellent for you or just full of empty calories and added sweeteners. I don’t know all of the ingredients that go into their smoothies, but I think I would’ve been healthier if I made my own smoothie.
– My second favorite is Blue Bell lemon ice cream. I love lemons and lemonade but I do not like lemon flavoring. I tried a spoon full and I fell in love. Unfortunately a spoon is all I could eat but it was so delicious.
– Lastly, is a Trader Joe’s mango lemonade drink. I’m not a mango fan but I made Popsicles with this drink and they were so good! Again, not the healthiest but it was definitely tasty.

Favorite person: Jillian Michaels
She’s a tough, motivating trainer and has done many DVDs, podcasts, and was a personal trainer on The Biggest Loser. Most people do a woman crush Wednesday hashtag for models or actresses but I think Jillian Michaels is gorgeous and I look up to her determination and strength.

Favorite activity: This one is weak, but sleeping! I’ve been catching up on Zzz’s lately and it has felt great. Sometimes I wish I was a cat and could just sleep all day long.

That’s it for my random favorites this month. Hopefully I will have a few makeup favorites by the end of next month. I can’t believe school is starting in less than a month and field hockey is starting in only a few weeks! Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this blog post and I will talk to you soon!