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Pamper Youself

One of my favorite things to do is to treat myself. I’ve never really been to a spa so I could be doing this completely wrong, but this is my at-home spa treatment.

First I take a shower and just wash my hair with a tea tree oil shampoo. This just gets my hair clean and wet. Then I apply an argan oil hair mask and clip it up with a butterfly clip. Then I use a face mask just to clean my skin.

I filled the bath tub with warm water and used a cranberry sugar scrub. I also used an app called Relax Melodies HD where you can create your own mix of relaxing sounds. The warm bath felt great but I enjoyed cooling down with fruit-infused water in my tumbler.

After my bath I turned the shower back on and washed out the oil treatment and my face mask. I used my green tea moisturizer and then I moved onto my nails.

Giving myself a mani-pedi is one of the most relaxing things. I trim, file, and paint my nails. If I didn’t moisturize with the exfoliating scrub, I also would use salves and lotions beforehand.

I felt amazing after this. To be more relaxed, light some of your favorite candles or throw some Epsom salts into your bath. This at-home pamper treatment is so simple and easy! It’s so rewarding after a hard workout or study sesh. Let me know what you do to pamper yourself!


Get The Look: Basic Everyday Look

This is just a simple makeup look that I would wear to school or just hanging out with one of my friends.

1. I start off with a clean face except for a lip balm. I use a tinted moisturizer by Mac and a basic Covergirl foundation. Usually I use cotton pads to apply these, but you can also use a beauty blender, foundation brush, or your hands.


2. Then I apply a lighter foundation a little bit above my cheek bones to brighten under my eyes.


3. After that I apply a pink blush to my cheeks using a blush brush. I lightly sweep my cheek bones in a diagonal motion. I don’t remember what company this blush is from and the label rubbed off. As you can see, I’ve already hit pan and I’m running out.


4. Using Maybelline’s The Falsies mascara I lightly put a coat on my upper lashes.


5. For my lids, I blended a black and dark brown eye shadow, focusing on making both of my eyes symmetrical.


6. As for my lips, I applied a Burt’s Bees shimmer balm in the shade: Guava.


7. Lastly, I curled my layer in the front and straightened the rest of my hair just to get some of the waves out.

This is pretty simple and easy. It only takes me around 15 minutes to complete. Anyone can pull off this daytime look and it can also be a nighttime look if you add more to the eyes. I will try to post another nutrition post soon because tutorials really aren’t my thing.

Beauty Things I Suck At/Beauty Confessions

I am in no way, shape, or form a beauty guru but these tags were popular in the beauty community. So lets just pretend that I have friends and someone tagged me to do this. Basically beauty gurus talked about what they are not good at and beauty confessions are what we know we should do, but avoid. I first am going to start with the beauty things I suck at.

1. Eyeshadow
I can apply maybe one or two neutral colors and blend them a little bit but when it comes to colorful eye shadows and smoky eyes I start to look like Ke$ha and not in a good way.

2. Hair
I can put products in it to make it look acceptable but styling hair is not my thing. I can straighten it up curling, crimping, braiding, and any other hair related thing is just a fail.

3. Contouring
Part of my problem is that I don’t even own a bronzer or contouring brush but I tried improvising with a dark eye shadow. It looked like I bought a power foundation that didn’t match my face so I just gave up after applying it to my cheek bones.

4. Painting my nails
If you know me, I love having my nails painted. Unfortunately I’m so bad that it’s just a huge hassle and I usually wait until every nail is chipped before I remove and repaint.

5. Putting outfits together
I’m actually one of the worst people when it comes to putting an outfit together. I would say I have an ok sense of style when I buy things at the store but matching and styling is not my thing.

Now for the beauty confessions…

1. Using heat protectant
I do not even own a heat protectant and since I straighten my hair it’s really damaging to my hair. I don’t know why it never crosses my mind when I look for other hair products.

2. Sleeping in my makeup
This one I know is one of the worst things to do for your skin and I know better. I don’t know why I don’t just remove it.

3. Going to the gym with makeup on
Now I’m not one of those girls that will put makeup on to go to the gym. However, if I’m already wearing makeup, I don’t remove it to go to the gym.

4. Eyebrows
I do get my eyebrows waxed but they’re so thick and full that I don’t do anything else to them except maybe brush them. I usually neglect the brows when doing my makeup.

5. Wash my brushes
I seldom remember to wash my brushes. Some people wash them after every single use! I’m surprised I really don’t have much acne after treating my skin so poorly.

6. Wearing sunscreen
Obviously if I know I’m going to be out in the sun I will apply sunscreen. If I’m not going to be outside for very long I usually rely on the SPF that’s found in my makeup.

7. The ‘stache
This is the Internet, no biggie. But yes I do have to get my upper lip waxed and sometimes if I wait too long to wax it, I just apply extra foundation there to cover it up.

So those are all of my beauty things I suck at and beauty confessions. Obviously I’m not going to be in the makeup industry when I get older. Oh well, you don’t need to look good to be a dietitian.

Hair Products That I Use Often

My hair is honestly just one hot mess and instead of heat styling it, I use a lot of products to keep it a little more manageable. Since my hair is short, thick, and frizzy my go-to hairstyle is just a braided bun. But if I’m going out I load up on the hair mousse.

Head & Shoulders: Classic Clean
It’s a pretty simple shampoo and good for the summer and winter because my scalp gets a little dry.

Pantene: Normal-Thick Smooth
I alternate this with my Head & Shoulders. It claims to be frizz fighting and prevent damaged hair.


Dove: Invigorating Dry Shampoo
It’s great if I want to just wear a shower cap after I run because I don’t like taking 2 showers a day because it dries my hair out. It makes your hair less oily and overall it’s convenient.

Pantene: Anti-breakage Conditioner
It’s a standard conditioner; it doesn’t do much else.


Mario Tricoci: Repair and Renew Mask
My hair feels softer and less dry after using this. I usually keep my hair in a towel for about an hour before washing it out.


Organix: Renewing Moroccan oil
This hair mask helps with frizziness and I usually alternate between this treatment and my Mario treatment. I blow my hair with a hair dryer before washing this out.


Suave Kids: Soft & Smooth Detangler Spray
This makes my hair smell like strawberries and it’s better for long, tangled hair.


Sebastian Professional: Whipped Creme
This smells so good and it feels like foam hand soap. It does make a big difference in my hair but it was a little expensive.

9. Nexxus: Finishing Mist
This is a comb-through hair spray that doesn’t leave your hair too stiff.

Those are all of my hair products that I use on a regular basis. I love using hair masks and the Moroccan oil and the Whipped Creme is great for styling if you don’t want to se hairspray.

Product Review: Morrocan Oil Leave-in Treatment

Before I talk about the product I want to talk about my hair type. When I was younger it used to be very silky and straight all of the time. After my thyroid kicked in and damaged my hair, it is now rough and very frizzy. My hair has always been super thick and hard to manage.

On to the product, this has been around for a very long time. It is an argan oil treatment that is supposed to give smooth, more manageable hair. Since my hair is so rough and damaged, it does not make it perfectly smooth and beautiful but it does make the texture less rough and it does add shine. If your hair is not damaged from a medical treatment it will definitely help you a lot! It’s helpful if you heat-style your hair or just have natural frizz from the heat.

Another argan oil treatment I have is a hair mask and my hair does feel smoother and less rough after using this. It’s not as easy as the leave-in, but it is still great! I definitely recommend both of these products, especially for the summer.

The price of the first product which is the Moroccanoil brand was fairly expensive but you get multiple uses from it and it comes with a pump so you don’t waste product. The second is from a company called organix and it was less expensive drugstore brand. For thinner hair, I would buy the Morrocanoil leave-in treatment that says light on the front so it does not weigh your hair down. These products are both great for stronger, healthier hair.

My Experience with Proactiv

Proactiv is an acne treatment and 3-step prevention system. It’s very controversial because many people have been faithful with it for years and others had a horrible experience with it. Proactiv uses benzoyl-peroxide which is very drying to the skin and not good for sensitive skin. It’s an acne fighter alternative to salicylic acid which can also be rough on skin. Disclaimer: My skin is not very acne prone and I have sensitive-normal skin.

When I first started using this product my skin had a few breakouts but it wasn’t too severe. The morning directly after I used this product I noticed my pimples got worse and a few more showed up. It kept getting worse after I used it but after a month all of my pimples were gone. The system does not really dry out my skin or irritate it but if I forget or go off of the product my acne gets very bad again. This product is great if you’re consistent and if you do not have super sensitive skin. It is not for everyone, and I would recommend something stronger if your acne is more severe.

What I like: I like the toner because it gets all of the dirt and makeup off. The refining mask is also great and so is the green tea moisturizer.

What I do not like: the last step in the process leaves your skin greasy and the refining mask is a much better spot treatment. I like how the cleanser is exfoliating but it is not as cleansing as the toner.

I would recommend to people who get occasional-moderate breakouts and do not have very sensitive skin.