Back to School: Wardrobe Essentials


Hello, darlings!

This is the second installment of my Back to School series, where Skye and I talk about things you’re going to need for school (so go check her blog if you want to see her posts)! 😀

Today, I’m going to be doing wardrobe essentials. Basically, this is a checklist of the basics you need in your closet so you can come up with any outfit for any school day!

You don’t have to follow this list to the T; adjust it to your style and to your personal needs. But, through the years, I’ve found this list to be helpful so I want to share it with you guys as well! 

Let’s get cracking!


1. 4-5 Pairs of Jeans (that fit well)


2. A Classic Dress


3. 4-6 Basic Tank Tops


4. 1-3 Cardigans


5. 1-2 Dressy Tops


6. 1 Pair of Nice Dress Pants

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